The Admin Account will provide all the needed access that is required to administer, monitor, execute, and manage a Wellness program for your company. Right from creating the Eligibility File where you can add, delete, or terminate the users, to creating the challenges, setting up the onboarding checklist, managing the participants and their user details, extracting the stats and reports, and a lot more, having access to the admin account allows you to do that it all. Once it is fixed that the company will enroll for the Wellness program, a Welcome Admin Email will be sent from to the official email ID of the employer or the admin, from where they can start their work as the admin.

  • Editing Admin Details - It is to be noted that the admin cannot make changes to their own user ID details. As the admin, if you want to make changes to your email address, first name, last name, or username that has been associated with the Admin account, you will have to talk about it with your account manager, as this information cannot be edited or changed directly from within the Admin account. 

  • Adding A New Admin - If you need to add or extend the admin access to a new individual in the organization, you will have to contact the account manager and provide the required details like the – first name, last name, username, email ID, and other needed data of the concerned individual in order to grant the admin access to them.

  • Removing Admin Access – In order to remove an existing admin account or to remove the existing admin access of an individual, you will have to contact your account manager. By getting the admin account deleted to the individual, the admin access will be lost.