Right there in the CHALLENGES page, on the right-hand side is a small box showing the overall CHALLENGES STATS of all the challenges that have been recorded until then. 


These stats give a summarized account of the number of the challenges that are – ACTIVE; UPCOMING; COMPLETED.


Also, on the page, the challenges are categorized separately into the ACTIVE; UPCOMING; and COMPLETED sections with a brief of those challenges accordingly aside there. Every specific challenge segment gives concise information about that particular challenge including data like - 

  • Name Of The Challenge – The name which is to the challenge while creating it and that is used to identify the challenge is mentioned as the heading for that section.

  • Created By – The name of the person who created the challenge.

  • Participants – The total number of participants who have enrolled or participated in that specific challenge.

  • Enrollment Date – Once the challenge is created, the start and end date for enrolling for the challenge will appear here.

  • Description – A short description of the challenge telling what it is all about, why it is important for wellness, how you should do it, the reward points, and other relevant details.

  • Challenge Status – This section shows the goal of that challenge, the highest score until then, and the name of the user who scored the highest score beside the number.

  • Challenge Information – Upon clicking on this button, the admin gets redirected to another page with a lot more information about the challenge. This page has more details about the challenge like -

  • User-Specific Data – The name of the participant, along with the goal accomplishment data, and their score is displayed in the leader board.
  • Challenge Snapshot – A quick glimpse of the challenge description, the goal of the challenge, the goal type (if it is to be done daily, weekly, etc.), the duration of the challenge, and the number of participants.

  • Challenge Newsfeed – The participants can leave feedback about the challenge, which will all be displayed in this newsfeed section.