A healthy organization is all about being social, vocal, and one that has healthy communication within the employees, and to promote this communication amongst the employees about the various Wellness activities and programs, it is necessary to notify them about the ongoing wellness endeavors and tasks, for them to be aware of what is going on around, to help them understand how the activities work out, and all other details. The admin has the authority to create and send the communication emails or email notifications to the set group of users who are eligible for it.


Notifications and Announcements are the primary ways of communicating with the employees, and they can be both done from the NOTIFICATIONS section of the admin portal. Also, the distribution lists and the email templates can also be created from the NOTIFICATIONS section, which can be sent out to the select group of users notifying them about a certain activity or message. 


  • NOTIFICATIONS - From this page, the admin can create a new notification, view the in detail notifications that are sorted categorically, along with the option to reschedule any individual notification or view its status. Also, on the right-hand side of the page is the NOTIFICATION STATS – which gives an overall idea of the total number of Scheduled Notifications; Sent Notifications; Cancelled Notifications. The created notification will be sent to the selected users via email.

  • EMAIL TEMPLATES – From this page, the admin can view a list of the email templates that have already been created, along with the options to EDIT, PREVIEW, or DELETE the template. Also, the admin can create a new email template by clicking on +TEMPLATE present at the top left corner of the page, and select from the existing templates or create a CUSTOM TEMPLATE LIST as per the interests.

  • DISTRIBUTION LISTS – It is a list that contains the details of the users who should be notified about an announcement, and the email notification will be sent to those users only. The admin can create the distribution list from this DISTRIBUTION LISTS page from the NOTIFICATIONS section, by giving a name to the list, a short description about the need of creating it, give instructions to add which user list, and other specifications like age, gender, health risk conditions, etc., that are relevant to the activity or event for which the notification is being made.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS – The admin can create content to make any important announcements from the ANNOUNCEMENTS page by clicking on +CREATE ANNOUNCEMENT, and this will be notified to selected users as a pop-up on their dashboards. The admin can view all the previous and active announcements in their ANNOUNCEMENTS page, edit the content, or delete it, if required. Only the registered users will be able to view the announcements as a pop-up on the dashboards of their Wellness user accounts.