Be it an activity, an event, or any information that should be passed on to the users in regards to the Wellness Program, it is done by 2 ways – NOTIFICATIONS or/and ANNOUNCEMENTS

Unlike the notifications, which are sent as emails to the eligible recipients, the announcements appear on the dashboard of the user accounts of all the registered users only. The admin can create the announcements from the admin portal and once saved, the announcement will appear on the user dashboard under the activity summary. The heading of the announcement will be displayed in a ribbon under the activity summary section, and clicking on it will open a pop-up box with all the relevant details about the announcement.




Upon navigating to the ANNOUNCEMENTS page from the NOTIFICATIONS section of the ADMIN PORTAL, the admin can have an overall view of all the created announcements along with their details including the - Title; Action Type; Start Date; End Date; and Status of the announcement. Also, at the right corner of each announcement record are options to carry out the required functions accordingly – 


  • VIEW ANNOUNCEMENT – to view the announcement details
  • EDIT ANNOUNCEMENT – to edit the announcement details
  • DELETE ANNOUNCEMENT -   to delete the announcement