With the Wellness360 program, we make sure that the efforts of the participants are appreciated genuinely, and so they are rewarded points for successful completion of the assigned activities. These reward points can be redeemed either as an e-Gift card or by making a merchandise purchase that is available under the wellness program. The e-Gift cards are one of the most common ways of redeeming the reward points, and the program provides the Tango card option using which the user can redeem their points with various vendors and platforms.


Here is a quick flow diagram of how the E-Gift Card process works.


Register Card

Transfer Funds To The Tango Card Account

Points Redeemed By Users

  • REGISTER THE CARD – The first and foremost thing which the admin has to do before the users start redeeming their points is to register their credit card details with the financial institution, banks, etc. By doing this, they will be able to make the wire transfer of funds into the Tango Card account that is exclusively created for the company’s employees.




Once the admin clicks on the REGISTER CARD tab, a pop-up window will open asking for different details for the admin to fill them like the –


  • Credit Card Number
  • The Security Code
  • The Expiration Date
  • The Billing Address


After all these details have been filled in, the admin has to click on SAVE to update these credit card details.

  • FUNDS TRANSFER TO THE ACCOUNT – Once the card has been registered, the admin will be able to transfer the funds into the Tango Card account that has been specifically created for the company’s users only. This account will have a specific account number and account identifier name. The admin can wire transfer the funds from the registered credit card or make an ACH deposit into this Tango Card account. After all these steps have been successfully completed, it may take a minimum of up to 24 hours for the funds to reflect in your account. For the users to start redeeming their points, it is necessary that the company adds enough funds in their Tango Card account.

  • POINTS REDEMPTION – Every time the user redeems their reward points as an e-Gift card, the amount that is redeemed will be reduced from the company’s Tango Card account. The admin can view the redeemed amount and the available funds in the account from the Account Information section on the E-Gift Card page. Also, the admin can view the redemption details like which user has redeemed how many points, the amount redeemed, and other details from the e-Gift Card Orders section. So, every time there is redemption, the admin is notified of the redeemed amount and the available amount so that the admin can transfer enough funds before another user redeems them.

  • CHOOSING E-GIFT CARDS – From the e-Gift Cards section, the admin has the authority to choose the required e-Gift cards for their organization. There is a list of the e-Gift cards at the end of the page, and the admin can enable the ones they feel are apt for their organization. Only the actively enabled e-Gift cards will be available to the users for redeeming their reward points.