In the INCENTIVE CAMPAIGNS page, where the admin can view the list of all the created campaigns, there is an option at the right corner of each campaign record with a sign. This option is used to set up the tiered system for the reward campaign.




Clicking on the icon will open a pop-up window and the admin has to start by clicking on the +Add Level tab at the top left corner of the window. The admin has to select the type of redemption in the REDEEM TYPE dropdown, and add the required data for this type of redemption like – the number of points, the relative amount of money, if they are eligible for a premium discount or not, etc.

  • REDEEM TYPE – The topmost dropdown in the pop-up window is the REDEEM TYPE option where the admin can choose the type of redemption and configure the campaign accordingly. It is important to note that each campaign will have only one type of redemption type, and so, it is important to make sure you are choosing the right one.


There are 4 main redemption types, and they are – 


1.  E-GIFT CARD – By selecting this option, the user can redeem their reward points for this campaign through an E-Gift card like the Tango Card, Amazon e-Card, etc.

2.  HSA CONTRIBUTION – By selecting this option, the user can redeem their reward points and have the relative reward amount transferred towards their HSA (Health Savings Account).

3. CASH REWARDS – By selecting this option, the user can redeem their reward points as cash.

4.  PREMIUM DISCOUNT ONLY – By selecting this option, the user is eligible to redeem the reward points and avail them as premium discounts only like in the deductions, etc., as configured by the admin. They cannot avail the rewards in any other form.

Except for the Premium Discount Only option, all the other redemption types will have an option to enable the premium discount also. The admin can enable this option for a certain level in the tiered system, and when the user completes that level, they are eligible for redeeming the defined set of reward points or the set amount of money, along with the set percentage of a premium discount.

  • POINTS – These points help set the level for each activity in the Wellness program. The admin can configure the number of points needed to define each level, and upon achieving those pre-defined points, the user is said to have completed that level of the Wellness program. Upon completion of that specific level i.e., by winning the needed number of reward points, the user will be rewarded with the amount that is set by the admin for the set level. For example, if the admin defines 2500 points for Level 1, then the user has to accumulate 2500 points to complete Level 1 and then get rewarded with the amount defined for that number of points. An admin can set up any number of levels for each campaign.

  • AMOUNT – This section is to help the admin define the amount (in dollars) for a certain number of reward points or for the set level of the wellness program. Upon achieving that number of defined points, the set amount of cash can be redeemed by the user. For example, if the admin sets a reward of $25 for achieving 2500 points, then the user will be rewarded with the $25 upon accumulating the 2500 points.