The user profile contains basic information about the logged-in user that is primarily needed to create the specific user account that will be used to login on the wellness platform for the enrolled wellness program. The most common details include the - 

  • First Name Of The User – It will be displayed on the leader board, and it helps in recognizing the specific user.

  • Last Name Of The User – Although the entire last name will not be displayed, the first letter will appear as an initial beside the first name on the leader board.

  • The User’s Username – It will be unique to the user only, and no two accounts can be created with the same username. It will be the login user ID.

  • User’s Employee ID – The employee ID assigned by the company to the user will be used to create the wellness account, but will not be displayed in the user profile.

  • The User’s Email ID – The email ID under which the user is registered for the wellness program is needed to create the wellness account. The registration URL and other stats details will be sent to this email ID only.

  • The User’s Photo – The user can upload any photo of theirs, and this photo will be displayed on the leader board.

  • The User’s Friends – The user can add up to 5 friends to their personal wellness account and they can keep a track of each other’s activities.

  • The User’s Interests – The user’s personal interests in regard to health, fitness, and promoting them which are submitted by the user will be displayed.

  • The User’s Vital Statistics – The biometrics and the vital statistics of the user including the height, weight, BMI, etc., will appear in the user profile.

  • The User’s Activity – All the relevant activities ad progress like the number of steps taken, calories burnt, sleep hours, distance traveled, etc., will be shown in the user profile page.

Many other details like the gender, year of birth for the accurate age, etc., can be submitted, as they will help in setting up more relevant challenges, and the analytics will be recorded according to these reports on the dashboard of the Wellness platform. Also, other details of the achievements, badges earned, the active & completed challenges, the nutrition details, the active or inactive status of the user, etc., will also appear on the user’s profile page.