The admin or the employer with the admin access to the wellness platform can add one or more users at a time. You can download the Eligibility File excel template by finding it on the top left corner of the page or the CSV file, depending on your preference. At the time of adding, all the required details like the name, gender, year of birth, etc., should be added in the spreadsheet in the right place without altering the format of the sheet, and the sheet can be saved for uploading the user details.

  • Adding A Single User – If you want to add a single new user, you can navigate to the Eligibility File section from the Admin account and click on Add User. As mentioned above, while adding the user, you will have to add the user’s details like the first name, last name, email ID, year of birth, etc., should be entered into the sheet. Once the account is created for the user, they will receive a confirmation and an onboarding email to their registered email ID.

  • Adding Multiple Users – The admin can also add multiple users at a time and create their wellness user accounts. For this, the admin can use the Add Users template, in which the needed details like the first name, last name, year of birth, gender, etc., should be entered without altering the other fields of the spreadsheet. After the sheet is saved with the needed information, the following steps should be followed – 

1. Go to the Eligibility File section and choose Add Users.

2. Choose the challenges and activities relevant to the users.

3. Select the option Upload File and choose the saved template file with the user details.

4. Once uploaded, the number of users and their details for which the accounts have been created will be notified to the admin.