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In short, a distribution list is a list with the details of chosen users who have been segregated based on various factors. These distribution lists are used when an activity has to be assigned or to send notifications to a certain group of people only. The admin can have an overview of all the manually created distribution lists in the DISTRIBUTION LISTS page, to which they can reach by navigating as – 




In this DISTRIBUTION LISTS page, the admin can carry out various deeds like creating new ones by clicking on +CREATE DISTRIBUTION LIST, viewing the already existing distribution lists, and perform different actions by clicking on the icons that are present on the right-hand side corner of each distribution list record. The icons stand for functions like – 

  • EDIT DISTRIBUTION LIST – Clicking on this icon will open the page with the existing details of the distribution list, and the admin can make all the needed changes to it and UPDATE it to save the modifications.

  • UPLOAD EXCEL – By clicking on this CTA, the admin can upload a spreadsheet with all the details relevant to that distribution list. To create this excel sheet, the admin can download the template by clicking on the DOWNLOAD icon at the top left corner of the page beside the +CREATE DISTRIBUTION LIST tab, and the required user details should be added in the same format. After saving the sheet, the admin can click on the UPLOAD EXCEL icon and select the desired sheet to upload.

  • VIEW DISTRIBUTION LIST – Upon clicking on this icon, a pop-up window will open with the details regarding the DISTRIBUTION LIST NAME and the names along with the email ID of the users who have been included under this list. In the ACTION column are 2 icons – one to help add additional registered email ID’s against a chosen user and the other icon is to DELETE the user record from that distribution list. Also, there is a provision to add new emails to this list, which can be done by clicking on the ADD EMAILS button present at the top right corner of the pop-up window.

  • EXPORT DISTRIBUTION LIST USERS – By clicking on this icon, the admin can download the distribution list as an excel file which contains all the details of the users who have been categorized under this list.

  • DELETE DISTRIBUTION LIST – If the admin wishes to delete the entire distribution list, they can do so by clicking on the DELETE icon. A confirmation will be asked for the same, and the record will be deleted if the admin clicks OK.

  • STATUS – The last CTA is the STATUS toggle, which when enabled shows that the distribution list is active, and if it is disabled, the distribution list becomes inactive.


These distribution lists help send notifications or to assign activities to a certain group of users who are eligible to participate in that specific activity or who need to be notified about something. While creating the activity from the ACTIVITIES page of the PROGRAMS section, the admin can select one or more distribution lists as per the requirement, and the same data will be visible in the ACTIVITIES list.

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