Almost all health and wellness programs come with relevant fitness-promotion events which are educational, as well as fun for the participants. To organize and manage these events, the admin can navigate to the PROGRAMS section on the left panel and look for the EVENTS section to perform the needed action. 



From this EVENTS section, the admin can create a new event, or have a glimpse of all the events that had taken place off late now. The details of the event name, event locations, event start date, event type, and by whom it was created are displayed on the page. The details of all the events or the events relevant to the admin or the user can be shown as needed by choosing the option at the top of the page. Across each event detail at the right corner are the options that help – 

  • View the event details
  • Edit the event details
  • Delete the event details
  • Send the event email notification


All these event details in the EVENTS page can be viewed either as a tabular column or in a calendar view, by choosing the required option from the top left corner of the page.