Once an event has been created, it is essential to convey the information to the users, and this is effectively done in our Wellness program by sending out an email notification to the eligible users about the event. To send the email notification about the event to the user, the admin has to navigate as – 




Upon clicking on the PROGRAMS section to choose EVENTS, the list of all the created events will appear on the page. The admin can choose the event record which has to be shared with the users and look for the notify icon that will be present at the right corner of the even record. After clicking on the SEND EMAIL NOTIFICATION icon, a pop-up with the event name, asking for the subject of the email along with a description for it will appear. 

  • Email Subject – The email subject should be as relevant as possible to the event and give a quick clue into the email description. Also, it is important that the subject is attention-grabbing so that the recipient will surely open the email to read it.
  • Email Description – In the email description, you can give a brief of what the event is about, the details of the event, the benefits of attending it, etc., to make the event interesting to the recipient and to improve the user engagement.


The admin can enter the needed details and click on SEND to have the notification email sent to the eligible users.