The Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

The health risk assessment (HRA) is a type of evaluation of a user’s health and fitness, which is designed to help both the individual and the organization while availing of the Wellness Program, or otherwise in general too. Upon completing the HRA from their user account, the user will get a personalized health report, and the admin or the management will get a summarized health report of all the employees. With this HRA, the user can have a proper estimation, understand, and judge any future health risk or complication possibilities. On the other hand, the organization will also have a clearer idea about the health issues of the individual to assign the Wellness challenges accordingly or to make any required changes for the benefit of the employee.


With the HRA evaluation, the users will have to carry out a basic questionnaire answering various questions about their health, fitness, food habits, lifestyle habits, biometrics, etc., and save the answers after every page entry. Once all the details have been entered, the Wellness score can be generated, which implies completed HRA activity. The Wellness score indicates the overall wellness of the user, with the downloaded reports showing details of the various outcomes, their prevention, etc. The Admin will have access to view the average stats of the HRA activities and reports.