The Reports section from the admin portal gives an insight into the various user accounts, and their Wellness activity outcomes. All the in-detail analytical reports, the user-specific data, program-specific data, etc., that have been collected from the registered users, will all appear individually in the reports section. Be it the summarized activity reports, the HRA reports, or the customized activity reports, the admin has the access to generate any report from this section. The required reports can be downloaded from this page as an Excel sheet to help analyze the outcomes or email it to the person requesting for the reports.


The admin can access and generate different types of reports from the Reports section, and these reports include – 

  • ACTIVITIES – This tab gives the aggregate average report of all activities – the total number of participants, the average minutes spent by the participants for the activities, the average daily minutes spent by the participants and these are all categorized based on gender and age.; the activity log breakdown reports, the fitness device tracker reports, the nutritional breakdown reports showing the protein, carbs, and fat levels, categorized age-wise. The required report from the above-mentioned stats can be downloaded for the required time-frame as an Excel sheet.
  • HEALTH – This section provides the average details of the employee’s well-being, categorized as total participants and based on gender. Also, the average gender-based or total outcomes of the in-detail health issues like Blood Pressure, BMI, Glucose, Cholesterol, Tobacco usage, Nutrition levels, Exercise levels, etc., can be downloaded as Excel sheets as per the requirement.
  • FINANCIAL HEALTH – Apart from just the health-related assessments, the platform also provides options to understand and assess the financial status and risks of the participants, by analyzing the details regarding their income, their savings, their debts, credit history, budgeting details, and other financial plans. These are also average reports categorized for total participants, for men, and for women distinctly.
  • HRA REPORTS – From this section, the admin can view and generate reports to know which user has completed their HRA activity. The downloaded reports will have the details of the user’s employee ID, name, the status of the HRA activity, and the date on which the HRA activity was completed. This mainly helps in knowing who has or has not done the HRA activity, and to help promote the HRA awareness amongst the users who haven’t completed the activity yet.

  • CUSTOM ACTIVITY REPORTS – These reports are for assessing the outcomes of customized activities, which are set up by the admin for their company’s employees. From the Programs section of the dashboard, the admin can choose to assign the chosen activities to specific users and keep track on the completion status of the activity. Since these activities are user-specific, customized reports can be generated for the specific users or an aggregate report of the users involved in the activity can be taken.
  • ONLINE COURSE REPORTS – From this tab, reports about the online courses that have been taken up the users and their completion status can be generated.
  • REGISTRATION REPORTS – The reports regarding the complete registration summary of the wellness program, along with the registration distribution over time can be seen in this section. The enrollment summary of the total registered users, the number of active users, the number of terminated users, percentage distribution of the users based on age and gender, can be analyzed from this section.