As mentioned in the OVERVIEW, to start giving out rewards to a particular activity, it is necessary for the admin to define a set number of points to the chosen activity so that it can be rewarded accordingly to the user upon completion of the assigned tasks. To start awarding the reward points for the wellness activities and challenges, it is necessary to create a reward campaign, and for this, you need to start by navigating to the REWARDS section on the left side panel, click on INCENTIVE CAMPAIGNS, and choose CREATE CAMPAIGN tab on the top left corner.




Upon clicking on the CREATE CAMPAIGN tab, a new window opens up wherein the admin needs to fill in the details in regard to reward campaign like – Campaign Name; Campaign Year; Start & End Date of the Campaigns; the maximum reward points for the program; the maximum reimbursement amount; the last day to redeem the points, and a short description to mention any other details regarding the rewards, etc.


Right below this description section is a list of activities for which the admin has to define the number of points against the chosen activity. There are columns for –

  • Name Of The Activity – The admin has to click on the checkbox against the activity that they wish to reward a certain number of points in their wellness program. There are different activities they can choose from like – Biometric screening, HRA completion, food log, exercise log,  opting for online courses, completing challenges, participating in events, and a lot more. Every time the user attempts the chosen activity and completes it, they will be rewarded with the points that the admin has defined for that specific activity.

  • Define Points – Once the activities are chosen, the admin will have to define a certain number of reward points to the selected activities in the POINTS column, along with the MAXIMUM POINTS that can be earned per user for that specific activity.

  • Submissions Allowed – The admin has to define how many submissions can be made by the users for that specific activity in a certain time-frame or for the entire campaign.

  • Frequency – This section defines how frequently a user can make submissions to that specific activity for which the points will be rewarded accordingly. The section has options which when chosen will allow the submissions to be made or reward points in that time-frequency only. The options include –

  • Daily – by enabling this, the user is allowed to make daily submissions for that specific activity and is eligible to earn points accordingly.
  • Monthly - by enabling this, the user is allowed to make monthly submissions for that specific activity and is eligible to earn points accordingly.
  • Quarterly - by enabling this, the user is allowed to make quarterly submissions for that specific activity and is eligible to earn points accordingly.
  • Semi-Annually - by enabling this, the user is allowed to make semi-annual submissions for that specific activity and is eligible to earn points accordingly.
  • Campaign Duration – Usually the campaign duration is set for an entire year, and so, by enabling this option, the user is allowed to make annual submissions or for the entire campaign duration for that specific activity and is eligible to earn points accordingly.

  • Reimbursable Items – This section allows reimbursing facility to a certain activity instead of redeeming the reward points as a gift card or for merchandise offers. The admin can create a record by clicking on + Add Reimbursable Items and fill in the details like the name of the activity for which the reimbursement is needed, the points allotted to each activity, the maximum points that can be rewarded per user, the total number of submissions allowed for that activity, the reimbursement amount allowed for that activity, the kind of validation needed to prove the completion of the activity, the frequency of submissions, and a checkbox to know if the entire record is eligible for reimbursement or not. If the admin wishes to delete that specific record, it can be done so by clicking on the DELETE icon at the end of the record.

  • Badges – The admin can add badges to the campaign, and set the frequency of submission, the points allotted for achieving that specific badge, the maximum points for attaining that badge, and save it. Upon achieving a certain badge, the defined number of points will be automatically rewarded to the user, and they can redeem it as required.

  • Additional – The admin has the capability to add any new customizable additional activities or other user requirements like taking preventive exams, taking gym classes, etc., to the activity sessions by enabling the ADDITIONAL SPECIAL ACTIVITY option. The admin will have to mention the details about that specific activity, the points to be rewarded for it, etc.

Once all these details and the required fields have been filled-in appropriately and the configuration is completed, the admin can click on the SAVE button to save the reward campaign. After a reward campaign has been created, the list of all the campaigns along with their relative details will appear on the INCENTIVE CAMPAIGNS page. At the right corner of every page are options –

⇒  To Edit – If the admin needs to make any changes to the created reward campaign, they can click on the EDIT icon, which will open a window with the existing details of the campaign. The admin can make the needed changes, and SAVE the campaign.

⇒  To Delete – If the admin wishes to delete the reward campaign for any of the various reasons, they have to click on the DELETE icon. Upon clicking on this button, a confirmation will be asked for the same action.

⇒  Set-Up Tiered System – The last icon at the end of the campaign record is the one with a $ sign that represents setting up the tiered system for the reward campaign. Here the admin can set the levels or tiers depending on the type of redemption, the number of points redeemed by the user, the redeemable amount, and if the user is eligible for a premium discount on other deductions, etc.