The User Management information can be broadly categorized for 2 purposes – one for the admin use and the other for the user’s personal use.

  • For Admin Use – From the Admin account, the user’s page will give a quick glance of all the individuals or employees from the company who have been registered under the Wellness program. The employer or the admin can add, edit, terminate, or deactivate the user accounts from this page. All the user details of the enrolled users can be managed by the admin from this User’s page. The most common details that this page shows about the users include – 

  • The User’s Name – The first name and the initial of the last name of all the registered users will be displayed in the leader board of the Admin’s user page, and these details will help the admin in recognizing the specific user.

  • The Username – The username, which is used by the users to log into their wellness accounts will be displayed along with the first name of the user on the page.

  • Age And Gender – The age and gender of the user will also be recorded and displayed beside the other basic details of the user. The age and gender information help with the analytics to study the stats and the performance of the user.

  • The Active Status – The user’s status, which is displayed either as ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’ is shown on the admin’s user page against the specific user’s details. If the user has earned any Wellness points in the past 30 days, the status will be designated as ‘Active’, and as ‘Inactive’ if the user has not logged in or earned any points in the past 30 days.

  • For User use – The user’s personal user page from their own wellness accounts show a lot of basic information of the user, in regard to the wellness program. Once the user log’s into their personal wellness account using their user ID, they will land on the dashboard. At the top right corner is the option to get into the user profile page which will show different details that are related to the user.