In order to convey the message regarding an activity, an event, or any information to the registered users of the Wellness program, it is necessary to start by creating an announcement. For this, the admin needs to navigate as - 




By landing on the ANNOUNCEMENTS page of the NOTIFICATIONS section in the ADMIN PORTAL, the admin can click on the +CREATE NOTIFICATION tab that is present at the top left corner of the page. Upon clicking on this tab, a new pop-up window will open up, and the admin has to enter in all the relevant details like – 


  • TITLE – The title of the announcement which will represent the announcement and will be first visible on the user dashboard.
  • START DATE – The date from when the announcement will appear on the user dashboard.
  • END DATE - The date until when the announcement will appear on the user dashboard.
  • STATUS – If the announcement is active or inactive.
  • CONTENT – The admin has to enter all the details and the information that needs to be conveyed to the users via the announcement.


After all these details have been entered in the window, the admin can click on SAVE to update the details and the new announcement will be listed on the ANNOUNCEMENTS page. The created announcement will have the details of the Title, Action Type (Pop-Up), the Start & End date of the announcements, and its status, along with the icons to View, Edit, or Delete the announcement accordingly.


Once the announcement is created successfully, it will appear to all the registered users on the scheduled date in the dashboard of their Wellness program accounts until the end date of the announcement. The title of the announcement will appear in a ribbon under the Activity Summary section of the user dashboard, and the user can click on it to view the other details.