In order to create a new distribution list, the admin has to do it from the DISTRIBUTION LISTS page by navigating as – 




By clicking on the +CREATE DISTRIBUTION LIST tab that is present at the top right corner of the DISTRIBUTION LISTS page in the NOTIFICATIONS section of the ADMIN PORTAL, the admin will be redirected to another page from where they can either choose from a set of Predefined Distribution Lists or click on Create Custom Distribution List to create a new list from scratch.


  • PREDEFINED DISTRIBUTION LIST – Upon clicking on the +CREATE DISTRIBUTION LIST, the admin lands on a page that contains many predefined distribution lists, each of which that contain a specific condition that helps sort out the users according to the defined program. Upon clicking on PREVIEW DISTRIBUTION, the admin will have an idea of what that distribution list is about, and if it is the right one, the admin can SELECT DISTRIBUTION from the list. Upon clicking on SELECT DISTRIBUTION, a pop-up window will open with a pre-defined name, description, RISK FACTOR, and its conditions. The admin can change the conditions & details as required and also add any other RISK FACTORS if needed. The admin can then select the users who they wish to add to this distribution list from the ADD USERS FROM dropdown and click on SAVE. Once updated, the newly created distribution list will appear lined up in the DISTRIBUTION LISTS page, from where it can be used to assign activities or send notifications.
  • CREATE CUSTOM DISTRIBUTION LIST – If the admin wishes to create a new customized distribution list right from scratch, they can do so by clicking on the Create Custom Distribution List tab that is present at the top right corner of the DISTRIBUTION LISTS page. Upon clicking on the Create Custom Distribution List tab, the admin will be redirected to a new page in which they will have to manually enter all the details pertaining to – 
  • Name – The name of the distribution list that will help identify the list while assigning activities or for sending notifications.
  • Description – A short description of the specificity or any relevant information about the specific distribution list.
  • Add Users From – This section gives a dropdown with 3 options in it, and the admin can select from the Registered users, Non-Registered user, or from All Users options to choose the users.
  • Gender – If needed to segregate the users based on gender, the admin can enable the Gender toggle button, and select from Male or Female accordingly.
  • Age - If needed to segregate the users based on age, the admin can enable the Age toggle button, and choose from All or Range. If there is a specific age range that is needed for the distribution list users, enable Range, and enter the data for Start age and End age.
  • Add Risk Condition – If the admin wishes to add any new Risk Condition, they can enable the Add Risk Condition toggle, and enter the required conditions accordingly. The admin can add multiple Risk Conditions as per the requirement.

After all the required details are filled in, the admin can click on SAVE to create the new distribution list, and the record for this distribution list will appear in the list of records in the DISTRIBUTION LISTS page.


All the users who satisfy the conditions mentioned while creating the distribution list will be segregated from the user group (as per the admin’s input in ADD USERS FROM) and will be put together in this new distribution list. The details of the user’s name and email IDs of all the users who have been included in this list can be checked by clicking on the View Distribution List icon from the specific distribution record on the Distribution Lists page. If everything seems ok, the list can be used to assign activities or send notifications to the specified users who are included in that DISTRIBUTION LIST.