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In order to create an event, the admin should start by logging from the admin portal, navigate to the PROGRAMS section in the left side panel > EVENTS page, and find the +Create Event tab at the top left corner of the page.


PROGRAMS > EVENTS > +Create Event


A new pop-up page opens up and the admin can fill in all the needed details and click on SAVE to create the event. Here is a quick glimpse of the various fields present in the Create Event pop-up.

⇒  Event Name – For it to be easily recognizable and communicable, every event should be given an appropriate name. The event name not just helps in identifying a specific event across the list of tons of events, but it also helps in adding a particular user to the event and also while sending across the Event email notification & invite.

⇒  Eligible Locations – The users from a specific eligible location of the company will be allowed to register for the event. So, if the users belong to that particular eligible location of the company, they will be notified about the event.

⇒  Event Date – The date on which the event has been organized, and the invited users need to participate in it.

⇒  Event Time Zone – The admin chooses from an array of TIME ZONE options and selects the one that is suitable to the time during which the event shall be scheduled. When the time zone is selected, the time will be displayed in the user account as per that chosen time zone.

⇒  Event Points – To start with, there are just 2 options for this - YES or NO. If there are no points allotted for this particular event, click on NO. If reward points are going to be allotted for the event, click YES – and define the number of points in the box beside it.

⇒  Event Location – The exact location where the event has been organized. Be it an off-site location, or within the office premises, it is necessary to mention the right and exact location where the event will be held.

⇒  Recurrence – If the event is going to be a recurring one, you can enable the check-box, and enter the required details regarding the recurring interval of the event, the recurring frequency, etc. If the event is not one that needs to recur, you do not have to enable it and leave it blank.

⇒  Sign Up Limit – Right below the recurrence section is a checkbox that asks if there is any limit to the number of event signups per user. If yes, enable the checkbox, else leave it blank. If enabled, enter the number of signups per user in the pop-up box aside by choosing the option it is for a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. If the maximum number of signups has been made for the selected timeframe, and there are still users who need to be enrolled for the event, they will be put in the queue. They will be automatically updated if an already signed-up user cancels their presence at the event. A notification email will be sent informing the new user about the registration.

⇒  Description – The admin can give a small description regarding the event and its details in the DESCRIPTION section, to make it a more personalized invite or to communicate the information in a much clearer way. Also, other details in regard to the event can also be added in this section before it is notified to the users.

⇒  Time Slots – You can add a time slot for the event including the leader’s name who will be leading the event, the start and end time of the event, the maximum number of registrations, and any additional notes if needed in the respective fields. There is also an option to add a new time slot if needed in addition to the above one.


After all these relevant details have been filled appropriately, you can click on SAVE and the event will be saved. Once this event has been saved and created, it will appear in the list on the EVENTS page, from where it can be either notified to the users, or can be edited, or can be deleted accordingly.

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