Once an event has been created by the admin, it can be sent across to the eligible users via an email notification. If the admin wishes to view the details of the created event, they can do so by navigating from the admin portal as follows – 




In the EVENTS page, the admin should find the interested event, and at the right corner of each event record, are 4 different options to perform 4 different functions. Out of these 4 options, the first one with the magnifying glass icon is the one that helps view the event details. 


Clicking on it will open a pop-up box with all the relevant details that have been entered by the admin at the time of creating that particular event. This pop-up also has options to view the details of the participants who have been registered for an event, add new participants to the event, notify about the event by sending an email, delete a chosen event, and even download a report with all the details regarding the event.