In order to have the employees of a company enroll for the Wellness program, it is essential for them to be registered with their information set up in advance on the Wellness platform. This is done from the admin portal, wherein the admin gets to add the users along with their required information, and once updated, the user details will appear in the Eligibility File. The admin can upload an Excel sheet or a CSV file with all the user details in it. The eligible users can then be selected from the panel and a registration email will be sent their mail IDs to help them enroll in the Wellness program.


Here are the steps that need to be followed while uploading the user eligibility file.

⇒  Login from the admin panel and navigate to the User Setup section on the left panel. Choose the Eligibility File option.

⇒  Download the Eligibility File Template either in the .xls format or the .csv format. The template options are present at the top left of the panel.

⇒  You will have to enter the details of the users in the spreadsheet in the relevant rows, without altering the format or the other details. The first 7 fields – Employee ID, Employee Type, First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date Of Birth, and Email ID are mandatory. Although the other fields are not as mandatory as these 7, it is always better to provide all the details. It is important to note that no 2 email IDs or usernames can be the same, and they should be unique to all the users.

⇒  Once the user data has been added and the sheet has been saved, it can be uploaded from the Eligibility File panel, by clicking on the Upload CSV or Upload Excel options, accordingly.

⇒  After the sheet has been uploaded successfully, the user details will list out and appear on the panel. These rows of user details have individual options for editing, deleting, or terminating the user details or account, respectively, for respective functions.

⇒  All the details of the users whose details have been uploaded, and whose have not been uploaded will be intimated to the admin. 

⇒  The eligible users can be selected from the list, and an automated registration email will be sent to them with the URL to the landing page, where they can create their personal wellness accounts and start off with their Wellness program.