Once you have chosen your launch day, you have to make sure that all your eligible employees have been registered, your challenges are ready, and all other needed changes have been made before the final launch. Here are a few steps that you need to keep in mind and follow as you go about with the launching of the Wellness program to your employees.

⇒  Log into your Wellness account as the admin using the credentials provided to you during the registration.

⇒  If there are any modifications to be made, you can make them by going to the Eligibility File page from the admin portal and update the required changes.

⇒  In the Eligibility file, at the right side of the user rows are options to edit, delete, or terminate the user account or details accordingly. The admin can make the needed changes by clicking on them.

⇒  Once all the changes have been made, you can select the users who are eligible for the program and click on the email icon on the top right side.

⇒  A registration email with the landing page URL will be sent to the selected users, and they can click on it to reach the landing page and create their wellness accounts to start with the program.