As does the admin or the employer with the admin access to the wellness platform has the provision to add one or more users, they also have the privilege to delete one or more users at a time from the wellness platform. However, it is important to note that once a user has been deleted from the wellness platform, the action cannot be undone.

  • Deleting A Single User – If the admin wishes to delete an existing user from the Wellness program, they can do so by the following steps –

1. Navigate to the Eligibility File section from the admin account.

2. Find the row with the user details whose account is to be deleted.

3Click on Delete to have that specific user account deleted.

  • Deleting Multiple Users – Like it is done for adding multiple users, the admin will have to populate a sheet with the details of the multiple users whose wellness user accounts are to be deleted. Mostly the only required information will be the username or the email ID of the users. Once these details are entered into the spreadsheet, without altering the other details, the template can be saved, followed by the following steps – 

1.  Go to the Eligibility File section and choose Delete Users.

2. Select the option Upload File and choose the saved template file with the user details.

3. Once uploaded, the number of users and their details for which the user accounts have been deleted will be notified to the admin.