MapMyFitness app can be directly connected with the Wellness360 wellness platform from the web browser or with the MyHealthPlus mobile app.


From the web browser:

1. Login to the Wellness360 web platform – Click here to login

2. Navigate to the ‘Apps and Devices’ page from the User Settings icon at the top right of the dashboard.

3. Find MapMyFitness and toggle it green to enable it.

4. Log in with the correct credentials.

5. Click on ‘Authorize’ to connect Wellness360 with your MapMyFitness account.



From the mobile MyHealthPlus app:

1. Install and log in to the MyHealthPlus app.

2. Click on the Menu bar at the top left of the dashboard.

3. Find Apps and Devices.

4. Find MapMyFitness and toggle it green to enable it.

5. Tap on 'Continue' to allow the MyHealthPlus app to connect and sync data from your MapMyFitness account.

6. Login with the correct credentials. Click on ‘Authorize’ to connect the MyHealthPlus app with your MapMyFitness account.

 7. You will receive a confirmation on the app once the device is connected.


Note: Make sure you only log with the email credentials that are linked with Wellness360 to connect and for the activity data to sync properly.