If your Fitbit device is not syncing with the Wellness360 user platform, please reconsider these common issues to know why your device might not be syncing. 

Issue 1: Your authorization token has expired or canceled from the Fitbit app.

Solution: Reconnect your Fitbit device to generate a new authorization token to sync the steps with the Wellness360 platform.

Issue 2: The data is not uploading from your Fitbit app to the cloud.

Solution: This could be a temporary problem due to issues on the Fitbit platform. The users can completely close or kill their Fitbit app, reopen it, and try syncing it again with your platform.


Fitbit usually posts any issues on this page: https://status.fitbit.com/

Issue 3: You probably created a new Fitbit account during your login process instead of using your existing login credentials. Or, you could have connected a wrong Fitbit account.


1. Confirm the email address registered with your correct Fitbit account. 

  • Web Browser - Log in to the Fitbit website here on a web browser. Click on the settings icon at the top right. View the email account you've connected to Fitbit under the under Personal Info.


Fitbit Website > Settings icon > Settings option > Personal Info


  • Fitbit app - Tap the 'Today' tab and look for the profile icon. Find the Privacy and Security section and tap on 'Security and Login'. Your connected email account will be displayed next to "Change Email".


Fitbit App > Today tab > Profile icon > Privacy and Security > Security and Login > Email details


2. After confirming the email address, go to the MyHealthPlus app or the wellness portal to reconnect your device. Be sure to use the correct email credentials to reconnect.

If there is a notification - "Fitbit Unknown" for your connected Fitbit device on the profile page in the MyHealthPlus app, it may indicate that you are still connected to the wrong account.

Repeat steps 1 - 3 again, or try connecting with other Fitbit accounts you may have.

Check The Time Zone Setting

If the right time zone is not set on the Wellness360 portal, it may cause data syncing issues with your fitness device. Recheck your set time zone by following these steps -

  • MyHealthPlus App
  1. Tap on the left side menu bar on the dashboard.
  2. Find Settings > Settings > Time zone.
  3. Save the right time zone.

  1. Click on User Settings (profile icon) in the upper right corner
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Save the right time zone in the Personal Details page.

User Settings > Settings > Personal Details > Personal information > Time zone

Need More Help?

If you are still having trouble syncing the device with the platform, please reach out to our Support Team.