If your Garmin device is not syncing with the Wellness360 user platform, please reconsider these common issues to know why your device might not be syncing.

I started using Garmin today, but I see fewer steps than the actual count:

The activity steps in Garmin will start recording from the time the user signs up with Wellness360. For example, if the user signs in at 12 pm, the steps will start recording in Garmin after 12 pm. This could be caused on the first day of syncing due to some inaccuracies.


I am using Garmin for a couple of days, but still, my steps are not syncing properly:

1. Check if all your activity steps are getting recorded at connect.garmin.com. If no steps are recorded, then you probably connected with the wrong account or maybe your device is not collecting the step count. If your device is collecting the steps but is not syncing, it could be because you used a wrong account. 

Go to connect.garmin.com, click on the profile icon at the top right. Click Account Settings > Account Information. You can find the correct email at the top of the page. When prompted, reconnect your Garmin device with Wellness360 by logging in with the correct email credentials.

2. Garmin's system works only with all-day trackers. If the device you use if not an all-day tracker, it might not integrate with the Garmin system used by Wellness360.

My entire active minutes are not syncing:

In case your Garmin app shows your activity minutes, but they are not syncing with the Wellness360 platform, it could be because of the way Garmin categorizes minutes. Garmin may always not send the entire active minute count to the Wellness360 platform. If you know your active minutes, you can enter the details manually on the Wellness360 platform. 

Check The Time Zone Setting

If the right time zone is not set on the Wellness360 portal, it may cause data syncing issues with your fitness device. Recheck your set time zone by following these steps -

  • MyHealthPlus App
  1. Tap on the left side menu bar on the dashboard.
  2. Find Settings > Settings > Time zone.
  3. Save the right time zone.

  1. Click on User Settings (profile icon) in the upper right corner
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Save the right time zone in the Personal Details page.

User Settings > Settings > Personal Details > Personal information > Time zone

Need More Help?

If you are still having trouble syncing the device with the platform, please reach out to our Support Team.