Wellness360 allows manual entry of nutritional data for employees who do not use a tracking device or app, or if their tracking app or device is not supported by the Wellness360.


To calculate accurate outcomes, please ensure that you log the correct data and totals, regularly. It is better to enter the data once a day to make sure that the stats are maintained properly throughout your challenges.


The data can be added on the web platform or on the mobile app.


To know how to add Nutrition data manually on the web platform, Click here.


Steps to follow for manual nutrition data entry to the MyHealthPlus app – 


1. Install the MyHealthPlus app on your mobile device and log into it.

2. Tap on the left Menu bar.

3.  Tap on Log Activity and choose ‘Nutrition.

4. Click on ‘Log Food.

5. Search for your food or choose from your common, recent, or favorites.

6. Choose the log date from the calendar, in which the food data has to be entered. By default, the current day’s date will be displayed.

7. Enter the servings and time of consumption for the logged food.

8. Click on ‘Save’.

9. The relevant calorie intake, fats, fiber, and carbs consumed will be calculated and displayed under each record on the ‘Nutrition Log’ page.



Note: If you want to make any changes to the added nutrition record, delete the existing food record from the Nutrition page, and add a new record with the correct food log details.