A few wellness activities of the program may require employees to submit 'Proof of Completion' to mark the activity as complete. Most of the activities could be preventive screenings or wellness events. The activities that need proof to be uploaded have 'Yes' under the specific column across each activity in the Activities box on the dashboard.


Uploading Proof for Wellness Activities

1. Click a high-resolution picture of the document proof of the wellness activity or reference number, and save it on your smartphone with the MyHealthPlus mobile app.

2. Find ‘Wellness Activities’ in the left menu panel and tap on it.

3. The list of your wellness activities will be displayed.

4. Tap on ‘View’ at the activity for which you need to upload the proof.

5. Tap on ‘Update Status’.

6. Select the date of activity completion from the calendar.

7. Tap on the icon beside ‘Upload Proof”.

8. Select the file from your smartphone or take a photo of your proof to be uploaded. The size of the file should be less than 2 MB.

9. Add any comments if needed, and click on ‘Save’.

Once your proof is uploaded successfully, you will receive a confirmation message at the top of the window.

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