When people understand the reason, the benefits, and the right way of cultivating a healthy lifestyle or improving their health and wellbeing, it encourages them to do better. Educating employees about the wellness program modules and how they will benefit their wellbeing will help them achieve their goals in a more disciplined and actionable way.


Program Resources can be a great way to provide the right health and wellbeing educational material and information for your workforce.


With easy access to the wellness program resources, employees can participate in the concerned activities, get a better idea of the program modules, or learn new healthy practices, accordingly.


The resources can be pdf files, word documents, video tutorials, worksheets, or even links to other third-party websites or files. The wellness program administrator can add the needed program resources from the admin portal.


Navigate to the Resources section in the left menu panel to find Program Resources and click on 'Create Program Resources' to start adding new educational resources for your employee wellness program.


Admin Portal > Resources > Program Resources


Once the program resource is created, the program administrators can view the list of all the created resources, along with the details of the Resource type, Created date, Status, and other action icons.