Program Resources can be a great way to provide the right health and wellbeing educational material and information for your workforce. For an overview of the program resources, click here.


The resources can be pdf files, word documents, or even links to insurance carrier websites or other third-party websites or files. The wellness program administrator can add the needed program resources from the admin portal.

Adding Program Resources from the Admin Portal

1. Log into your admin portal.

2. Find 'Resources' from the left menu panel and click on 'Program Resources.'

3. Click on 'Create Program Resources' at the top left of the page to open a pop-up window.

4.  Enter all the needed details in the pop-up window about the new resource, including the name, resource type, description, and status.

  • Resource title - a relevant name to identify the resource

  • Resource type - choose from the dropdown if the new resource is a file or a link

  • Link - If it is a link type, you can add it in the Resource link box

  • File - if it is a file type, upload the relevant file.

  • Status - choose if you want the resource to be actively available to the users or inactive.

  • Description - add a relevant description of the resources for the users to understand them better and know what to expect from them.

5. After filling in all the details correctly, click on 'Save'.

Once the new resource is created successfully, it will be listed as a record on the Program Resources page.

The program administrators can View, Edit, or Delete the resource by clicking on the relevant icons across each record on the page.



A list of the program resources can be viewed by the users on the dashboard of their user portal or the MyHealthPlus mobile app.