Wellness360 supports Apple Health as a tracking app. Apple Health can by itself be used to track activity, or can be used to connect Apple Watch with the wellness platform. 

Note: The Apple Health can be connected to Wellness360 from the MyHealthPlus mobile app only.

Steps to connect Apple Health with the MyHealthPlus app:

1. Install the MyHealthPlus app on your iPhone.

2. Tap on the Menu bar at the top right.

3. Find Apps and Devices.

4. Find Apple Healthkit and toggle it green.

5. You will receive a confirmation message at the top upon successful connection.

6. Open the Apple Health app on your iPhone and go to the Profile section.

7. Tap on 'Apps' under the Privacy section.

8. Tap on 'MyHealthPlus' from the apps section.

9. Tap 'Turn On All' or enable only the activities you want to sync and track.

10. Once the categories are enabled, the data will start syncing between Apple Health and MyHealthPlus app.