How Can I Connect My Apple Watch?

Modified on Fri, Sep 11, 2020 at 6:27 PM

Wellness360 can be connected with your Apple Watch as a tracking device by connecting to Apple Healthkit through the MyHealthPlus app only. It cannot be connected from the web platform.


The health data will be automatically synced between Apple Healthkit and Apple Watch, which can be synced with the MyHealthPlus app. The activity data will automatically sync and display on the web platform too.


Steps to connect Apple Watch with the MyHealthPlus app:

1. Install the MyHealthPlus app on your iPhone.

2. Open the Apple Healthkit app on your device. All iPhones have the Apple Healthkit app installed by default.

3. Tap on your Profile. Tap on ‘Devices in the 'Privacy' section to find the list of your connected devices. (For older Health app versions, tap on ‘Sources’ to find the list of apps and devices connected with your Apple Healthkit.)

4. Find your Apple Watch in the devices list and connect with it. 

5. Tap ‘Privacy Settings’ and enable Fitness tracking and other data you want to sync.

6. All the activity data will be synced from the Apple Watch to the Apple Healthkit. 


MyHealthPlus will sync and extract the data from Apple Healthkit. To know how to connect your Apple Healthkit with the MyHealthPlus app, click here.

Make sure you give Wellness360 (MyHealthPlus app) all the access to read and sync data from Apple Healthkit.


Note: Make sure your Apple Watch is at the top of the devices list as the activity data will be chosen from the top priority connected device.

If it is not – 

1. Go to Data Sources and Access in the Apple Health app.

2. Find your Apple Watch, hold on the Change order button (3 horizontal lines) across your listed Apple Watch, and drag it to the top of the list.

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