1.  What Is A Wellness360 Program?

At Wellness360, the primary aim is to promote health, fitness, and wellness to all the employers, employees and their spouses or dependents, of an organization to make it a more productive and positive workplace. It is believed that a healthy body and a healthy mind are very important to carry out any work properly, and so, the Wellness program comes with many different activities, challenges, events, etc., to make getting fit and healthy a fun undertaking. And to encourage taking up and complete the assigned tasks, there are reward points to be won which can be redeemed as an e-Gift card or purchase sponsored merchandise.


2.  What Is A Wellness360 Account?

When a company signs up for a Wellness program with Wellness360, all the users including the employees, employers, their spouses or dependents, etc., who have been registered for the Wellness program, will be assigned a personal wellness account. The admin will have access to the admin portal of the Wellness account from where they can create, modify or delete activities, notifications, announcements, events, etc., and also can monitor all the users, their activities, their progress, etc. On the other hand, the users can track the activities, events, notifications, challenges, and their progress from their own personal Wellness accounts.



3.  How Can I Add My Spouse Or A Dependent To The Wellness Program?

To be able to add a spouse or a dependent to the Wellness Program, you will have to talk about it to the administrator first. The admin will then enable an option in the user account to ADD new dependents. After the admin approves the request of adding the spouse or dependent, the user can navigate as - USER SETTINGS > SETTINGS > MANAGE DEPENDENTS. An ADD button will be enabled to the page, clicking on which a pop-up will open and the user can enter the name, email ID, and other details of the spouse or the dependent. Once saved, an invitation email will be sent to the spouse or the dependent on their registered email ID, from where they can join the Wellness program.


4.  Why Is It Important To Take A Health Risk Assessment?

Simply put, the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is a type of questionnaire in which the user will have to answer a couple of multiple-choice questions in regard to their physical activities, lifestyle habits, nutritional details, medical history, etc., and these details along with the biometric screening data help in constructing a Wellness score which represents the possible risk factor to the user’s health and wellness. With a completed HRA, the admin can estimate the health, fitness, and wellness of the user more accurately and assign suitable tasks, activities, challenges, etc., to the users with the intention to improve their overall health.


5.  As A User, How Can I Start With My HRA, Biometric, etc.?

Once the user account has been created, it is always advised that the user starts with the HRA and biometrics. The user can start by clicking on the ONBOARDING CHECKLIST on the dashboard and enter the needed details and update it accordingly. The HRA is a basic questionnaire and the biometrics ask for details like height, weight, etc., to calculate the BMI, and at the end of the HRA and biometric screening, a Wellness Score will be generated. This can be done by taking a NEW ASSESSMENT from the HEALTH ASSESSMENT section in the HEALTH category of the user dashboard. The users can also win rewards point upon successful completion of the HRA, the biometric screening, submitting lab reports, and other related stuff.


6. What Are The Ways To Track User’s Health and Fitness Progress In The Program?

There are 2 ways by which the users can enter their data in regard to their exercise details, activity milestones, calorie count, etc., into the wellness program – by manual logging or via a fitness device.

  • Manual Logging – The user will have to log in to their user portals and manually update the activity log details, and the admin can keep a track of it from the admin portal.
  • Fitness Devices – The user will just have to connect their fitness device with their user account, and all the details will be logged in automatically. Fitbit, SHealth, Google Fit, are a few fitness devices that are supported by the Wellness360 program.


7. How Do I Sync My Fitness Device To The Wellness Program?

The Wellness360 program comes with the option of syncing your wearable devices with the platform in order to track the user's progress. The user can do so by logging into their user portals and choosing the option for – “Connect Your Fitness Tracker” in the Onboarding checklist on the user dashboard. This will lead the user to a page with many options of various activity tracker devices, and the user can enable the one which they prefer. They will be redirected to the device tracker accounts, and the user can follow the steps to connect their fitness device.


8. How Can I Connect My Apple Watch With The Wellness360 Platform?

The instructions to connect the Apple Watch are slightly different from that of the other wearable devices. The user will have to login as usual from their user portals of the Wellness Program, and click on the “Connect Your Fitness Tracker” option in the Onboarding checklist, from where they will be redirected to a page with the device options. On top of the options is a ribbon asking to download the instruction document for connecting the Apple Watch to the Wellness platform. The user can then go through the document for step-wise instructions to connect the device and follow suit.


9.  What Should I Do If My Tracking Device Gets Disconnected?

There may be times when the activity tracking device gets disconnected and the user will no longer be able to track their fitness progress. Once the user gets notified about it, the user can reconnect the device by logging into their Wellness user account, navigate to the Apps & Devices section under User Settings, enable the relevant fitness device, and follow the next steps accordingly to reconnect the fitness device to the Wellness platform.


10.  I Do Not Have A Wearable Device? How Can I Track My Progress?

There are many compatible apps that a user can find online and they can be found in the Apps & Devices section under User Settings. The user can download any of these and sync it with the Wellness platform to track the progress. For iPhones, the Apple HealthKit is a default program that comes with the phone, and it helps track steps, floors climbed, etc., easily on the go.


11.  Is There An App To Keep Up With The Wellness360 Program?

Yes, there is an app by the name MyHealthPlus which can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS, and from the Google Play Store for Android-run devices. The app can be recognized by the logo of having a green circle with a white plus (+) sign in the middle of it. Once the app is downloaded on to the e-device, the user can sign in using the Wellness360 program credentials. The app can be synced with a fitness device and the user can perform all the other actions as it is done on the web.


12.  How Do I Track My Progress If I Do Not Have A Wearable Or An App?

If the user does not wish to use a wearable device or have an app track the progress, they can do so by logging in the details manually from their Wellness user accounts. They have to navigate to the TRACKERS section on the left side panel of the user dashboard > move to the EXERCISE section, and log in the details of the activity they did, and the details of how long they did it, etc. The data will be converted into the number of steps and saved in their health log. The user can set the date in the date field and add the data for the specific days. 


13.  How Can I Earn My Reward Points?

The admin while creating an activity, challenge, etc., will define a set number of reward points for the required tasks, and these points can be earned by the users upon taking up the task or for completing it. When an activity or task is assigned to a user by the admin, it will appear as a notification or as an announcement accordingly in the user dashboard, and when the user enrolls for it or completes the required milestones, the reward points will be accumulated automatically into the user account. The user and the admin can both view the won reward points in their respective portals.


14.  How Can I Keep A Track Of My Earned Points?

For the user to keep a track of their earned points, they can navigate in their user account dashboard to find POINTS on the left side panel, scroll down to find the ACTIVITIES section. Here all the details of how many points are allotted for the program, how many the user has earned for each activity performed, how many more to earn to reach the next milestone, the total number of points earned by them until then, the CTA to redeem them, and a lot more regarding the reward points. All the earned points will be reflected in the account after at least 48 hours of earning them. 


15.  What If I Did Not Attend A Program I Signed Up For?

It is really OK if the user couldn’t attend a Wellness program for which they had registered for. However, it is always better to cancel the registration well beforehand if they are not going to attend it. Most events or programs come with limited entries, and so, if there is any canceled registration, the chance can be given to another user who may have registered but couldn’t get entry due to the numerical limitations.


16.  How Can I Earn Points For Attending A Program For Which I Did Not Register?

If a user attends an event or a program for which they did not register beforehand, they can do so by signing up for the event at the venue and the data will be synced with the Wellness program entries. If the points are not reflected in your account even after 5 – 7 days of the program, the user can get in touch with the admin about it.


17.  How Can I Protect The Privacy Of My Data?

All the data that is logged in by the user is by default protected under Privacy Policy and is not visible to anyone except the users themselves. If the user wishes that any of their data be visible to others, they can do so by manually changing the Privacy Settings by navigating as – User Account > User Settings > Settings > Privacy Settings. From here, the user can make the needed changes in their data privacy settings and click on SAVE PRIVACY SETTINGS to update the changes.