Maintaining user privacy is a prerequisite of all well-designed employee wellness programs. And so, Wellness360 ensures the safeguarding of user data and privacy. Health coaches may need user health, activity, and assessment information to offer the best-personalized health advice. With the users controlling what information they want to share with their health coaches, they can extend their privacy and protection on their terms.

1. Log into your Wellness360 portal.

2. Click on ‘Settings’ in the User Settings icon at the top right.

3. Click on the Coach section on the Settings page.

User Settings > Settings > Coach

4. Enable the coach of choice, and the user data you want them to access.

5. Click ‘Save; after making all the needed coach settings.

From the MyHealthPlus app:

1. Log in to the MyHealthPlus app.

2. Navigate through the left Menu panel to find Settings.

3. Tap on 'My Coaches'.

4. Choose your coach from the list.

5. Set your coach privacy settings as per your choice and 'Save' the settings.