You can easily change your user profile settings on the Wellness360 web platform or from the MyHealthPlus mobile app. 


From the web browser:

1. Log into the Wellness360 web platform - Click here

2. Click on the User Settings tab with the Profile icon on the top ribbon in the right corner.

3. Click on 'Settings'.

4. You can enter all the details relevant to your wellness account, personal information, change your password, and more in this section. Click ‘Update’ to save the details.

The general user profile account information can also be edited from the Profile page.


Privacy Settings – You can choose which information about you and your wellness activities shall be shared with your friends or public, or keep it private to you only.


Coach Privacy Settings – Control what information you want to share with the health coaches to get personalized health consultations. 


Notification Settings – Set your email and other notification settings here.


Manage Dependents – Add or remove any dependents you would like to add to the wellness program.



From the MyHealthPlus app:

1. Install the MyHealthPlus app and log in with the correct credentials.

2. Tap on the Menu bar (3 horizontal lines) at the top left or tap Menu from the bottom options.

3. Find ‘Settings’.

4. Choose from the different Settings options to edit or add information.

5. Add or edit the needed user profile information and save it.

6. Add or edit your personal details.

7. Choose which profile information you want to keep private to yourself or want to share with your friends or others.

8. Choose the kind of Notifications you want to set on your MyHealthPlus app.