Wellness activities are an integral and vital part of the employee wellness program. They encourage cultivating healthy habits, boost employee engagement, and build a healthy workplace culture. The wellness activities can range from health screenings to annual flu shots, health coaching, online courses, or anything that can be deemed to be fit for the wellness program.


Program administrators can create different wellness activities from the admin portal very easily. Choose from the various pre-defined wellness activities or custom create a new activity from the admin portal, set the duration, and customize it as per your workplace wellness needs.


To create a new Wellness Activity from the admin portal, administrators must navigate to the Programs section in the left menu panel to find Activities. A new wellness activity can be created by clicking on the ‘Start a Activity’ option on the Activities page.


Admin Portal > Programs > Activities > Start a Activity


From here, administrators can choose from the pre-defined activities or custom create a new activity. After the successful creation of the new wellness activity, it will be listed on the Activities page.


Across each Activity record, there are options – 

  • Preview – to view the details of the wellness activity

  • Edit – to edit the details of the wellness activity

  • Delete – to delete the wellness activity

  • Assign participants – Choose the right distribution list and assign the wellness activity

  • Download – to download the report of the completed activity


In addition to these actions, other details like the program year, distribution lists, proof requirements, approval type, due date, points, and the number of submissions are also displayed.