The dashboard of the Wellness360 web platform gives an insight into most of the wellness activities and progress of the user. With a user-friendly design, it is easy to navigate and carry out all the actions of the wellness program.


Onboarding Checklist - Complete this list of activities to get started with the wellness program and earn reward points upon completing them.


Activity Summary – In the Activity Summary, you can find date-wise data of your step-count, distance traveled, calories burnt, active minutes, and sleep hours.


Today’s Challenge - Your challenge for the day from the chose healthy habits program is displayed along with the description of what to do and why it matters. The 'View History' button takes you to a page with your past challenges.


Challenges – Your ongoing wellness challenge with details of its start date, end date, and the progress.

Rewards Summary – Just below the Today’s Challenge section, you can have a quick glimpse of the rewards and its related details, like redemption last date, points earned, points to achieve the next level, the amount earned, redeemed amount, and available amount. While the Redeem Now (CTA) takes the user to the e-Gift cards page, the View Details (CTA) takes you to the Points page, which can also be accessed from the side menu.

News Feed – This section gives you a brief about what you and the other users are doing or have achieved with their wellness programs including details like the user name, date and time of update, badges earned by them, along with options to like the feed or leave a comment.

Challenge Rankings – You can find your ranking, challenge step count, and the same of other users in this section. You can also view all your friends, or find friends to send them a friend request or to have a chat with them.

Activities – A list of the upcoming or ongoing activities, along with details of the due date, set points to be earned, and the status of completion can be viewed here.

My Health Professionals Team – This section of the dashboard shows the list of health professionals (coaches) available for the program, along with separate records for each health professional, an Ask Question (CTA), and a Book Appointment (CTA) for each coach.

Recommended Courses – This section is more of a shortcut to the Online Courses from the Health section on the side menu. A list of the recommended courses is shown, along with a Sign Up (CTA) that redirects to the SelfHelpWorks portal.


Program Resources – A list of all the resources available for users is displayed here, along with a View More (CTA) to view or download the resource.


Health Tip - A new Health Tip is displayed every day in this section.


Badges & Achievements – The badges earned by you upon successful completion of the challenges, along with the wellness program achievements are listed here.