The dashboard of MyHealthPlus, the mobile app of Wellness360, is very user-friendly, allowing clean and smooth navigation for the users. To make it easier for you, here is a brief of the mobile app dashboard sections.


Rewards – The dashboard of the app gives an insight into a brief of the earned reward points and other details. Tapping the ‘View More’ tab takes you to the Points section in the Menu with all the details about your Rewards.

Another section in the dashboard gives a brief of the earned reward points and the remaining reward points to reach the next level. Tapping the 'Details' and 'Redeem' tab takes you to the respective pages in the app.

Today’s Challenge – This section gives a glimpse of Today’s Challenge from the healthy habits program chosen by you. Clicking on the 'View' tab gives more details about why this challenge is important for your health and how to do it. Tapping 'Complete' will mark the challenge as complete.                                                            

The other announcements like upcoming events, health videos, health tips, and more can also be viewed as a carousel in this section.

Your Activity – It is the first major section of the mobile app dashboard. You can view your activity progress like step count, distance traveled, active minutes, and calories burnt for the current day or previous days.

Your Challenges – This section has 3 sub-sections - Active, Upcoming, and Completed. While the ongoing challenges are displayed in the Active section, the challenges coming up soon are listed in the Upcoming section, and the completed challenges will be in the Completed section. When a Challenge is listed, tap on ‘View Details’, to be redirected to the Challenges page on the Menu bar.

Leaderboard - The last section of the dashboard is the Leaderboard which gives a glimpse of your activity streak.

At the bottom of the page, are options to navigate to other modules like - Health, Challenges, Community, and Library. 

Tapping on the Menu icon (3 horizontal lines) at the top left of the dashboard will give access to other features and sections.