Health and wellbeing are vast subjects. Not everyone might know everything. So, creating awareness and education is vital for overall wellbeing and to reduce health risks. Our Wellness Library comprises hundreds of educational resources that can specifically help you identify, understand, and overcome health and wellbeing concerns.


Broadly, our Wellness Library comprises three different sections - 

  • News

  • Wellness A - Z

  • Exercise Classes

Accessing Library on the MyHealthPlus mobile app

1. Log into your MyHealthPlus mobile app

2. Tap on ‘Library’ from the bottom panel.

3. You will land on the Wellness Library page.

News Section:

  • The News section gives an insight into the latest health and wellness news.
  • Partnered with HealthDay – the largest health news service, the News section covers the latest health topics. Click on any topic to start reading in detail.

Wellness A – Z:

  • Explore the Wellness A - Z section of our wellness library that features more than 1,500 pieces of original wellness content for different health and medical articles.
  • With special reports and first-person essays that are practical, engaging, and reader-friendly, you can find a wide array of information for specific health and wellbeing topics, including nutrition, emotional health, women's health, stress management, children's health, and more.

Exercise Classes:

  • Choose from the wide array of online workout videos provided by Sweat Factor.

  • From HIIT to Pilates, Tabata, and more – find a collection of different online videos for improving physical fitness.