Certain wellness activities require the program administrators to approve user submissions. Once the users complete their wellness activity, they will upload proof of their completion. This proof needs to be reviewed by the program administrator and approved. If the wellness activity carries points, it will be rewarded to the user only after the administrator approves their submission.


If the program administrator does not approve the submission, the user will have to resubmit a proper proof with all the needed details indicating completion of the wellness activity.


Note: Reviewing or Approval can be done by the administrator only for the wellness activities that carry the Validation Type of 'Upload' and Approval Type of 'Approve' while creating the activity.


Know more about Creating New Wellness Activities.

1. Log into the admin portal.

2. Navigate to the Programs section on the left menu panel to find ‘Activity Requests.’

3. A list of all the user submissions for the Activity Requests will be displayed on this page. Details like user name, activity name, date of completion, points, activity status, and approved status are available.

4. Additionally, there are 3 action icons present across each activity submission. 

  • Update Status – to update the activity submission of the user

  • View File – to view the attached file or activity completion proof uploaded by the user

  • View Comment – to view any comments by the user or admin

5. Clicking on ‘Update Status’ will open a pop-up window with the details of the user’s activity submission details.

  • If the admin feels everything is appropriate with the user’s submitted proof, they must select ‘APPROVE’ in the status dropdown options and click on ‘Update.’

  • If they do not feel it is right, they can select ‘NOT APPROVED’ and click ‘Update.’

Note: For activity submissions with the Validation Type of Honor and Approval Type of Auto, the users can auto-approve their submissions. These submissions will be displayed in the Activity Requests list with an Approved Status.