How can Program Administrators update the Activity Status of all employees on their behalf?

It may become tedious for program administrators to personally update the Activity Status of the submitted wellness activities of each user. So, Wellness360 allows updating the user activity status of all participants in one go.

1. Log into the admin portal

2. Navigate to the Programs section to find ‘Activity Requests.’

3. Click on the left ‘Download’ icon at the top left of the page. This will download the ‘Activity Sample Data’ file to upload the user activity status.

4. In the downloaded template sheet, the program administrators must enter the details of Employee ID, their current activity status, and the date of activity completion. Save the sheet after entering all the details.


5. Click on the ‘Upload’ button at the top right of the Activity Requests page.

6. Select the ‘Activity Name’ for the specific activity and click on ‘Select File’ to choose the saved Excel file.

7. Click on ‘Upload.'


The Activity Status of all the employees who participated in the wellness activity will be updated automatically.